Sicilmarmi was born in Custonaci (Sicily) in 1948 when Dr. Giacomo Caruso, later named “Cavaliere del Lavoro”, discovered a new marble variety in the nearby Cofano Mountain; he realized at once the potential of this material and soon started quarriyng it under the name of Perlato Sicilia Cofano® (literally “pearl of Sicily”). The market demand grew so much that, by the early ’70s, the company was able to acquire other quarries in Italy and to relocate in Massa under the name of Marmi e Graniti d’Italia; the production of Perlato Sicilia Cofano® went on and Sicilmarmi kept its identity as a consociated firm of the MGI group. Nowadays Sicilmarmi primarily sells blocks on the N. African, Middle Eastern and Asian markets, also supplying slabs, tiles and cut to size products; Marmi e Graniti d’Italia Sicilmarmi group is among the top Italian companies in the stone industry.