The Cofano quarry

The Perlato Sicilia Cofano® quarry owned by Sicilmarmi, is located on the Cofano Mountain, a dolomitic promontory with a quote of 660 meters above sea level, that faces the Gulf of Bonagia in the Trapani province. The origins of the promontory date back to the Triassic period (250-200 million years ago), following the uplifting movements of underwater sea shell deposits, transformed into stone over the course of the centuries; these same fossils are the “pearls” that create the unique texture of the Perlato Sicilia Cofano® marble. The extraction activity of Sicilmarmi is concentrated on the south side of the mountain facing the town of Custonaci, next to several quarries that are now operating in the area, after the intuition of Cav. Dr. Caruso and the success of the Perlato Sicilia Cofano®.